EIN seminar on "EU Transatlantic dialogue in the Mediterranean region"

24 January 2018

On the 24th of January 2018, the EIN will host its first seminar of 2018. This seminar aims to discuss different approaches and medium/long term strategies on how to improve not only the relations between EU neighbours to the south but also to debate on ways to improve the transatlantic cooperation regarding the region, its security and stability and its effects within European countries and its boarders. With this seminar, the EIN intends to promote an open discussion where experts from both sides of the Atlantic will provide their perspective and strategic position towards the MENA region, the immigration flows coming not only from this region, but also from the Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the security challenges it poses to both Europe and the US. Undeniably Europe has experienced numerous waves of mass immigration, nonetheless the Arab Spring, the Civil War in Syria and the dictatorships that rules in some African countries has led to a crisis which Europe has not seen since the Second World War; this requires immediate response. Having said that, it is important to understand in a clear way how the dynamics of each neighbouring country in the Mediterranean region work in order to successfully provide the right tools so that these countries can develop a stable democratic system and become more prosperous and independent, ensuring the stability of our own borders. Security is the flip-side of stability and Europe needs to find a balance between both. Fruitful dialogues on how to strengthen regulations, uphold the rule of law, build bridges with neighbouring countries and promote security are the key to ensure that our citizens live in a safe and prominent Europe.