EIN Seminar on "What future for the EU-US relationship in a new era?”

21 February 2018
Brussels, Belgium
12.30-15.00 in the European Parliament, room ASP 5H-1

The European Ideas Network will be holding a Lunch debate on, Belgium, on the 28th of February 2018. This debate will focus on "What future for the EU-US relationship in a new era?”

On the 21st of February, a lunch debate will take place in the European Parliament, hosted by the EIN. The EU - US relationship has marked history throughout the years and it is, therefore, one of the most important pillars of the transatlantic relations.

In recent years, the EIN has been collaborating to serve as a bridge to join American and European legislators, promoting fruitful dialogues that strengthen the link needed to find solutions for the problems we fight together.

The aim of this debate is to acknowledge what are the challenges the old alliance faces, looking up to the future of the relationship between two regions that have been writing World’s history for a long time.

Following Donald Trump’s election, this relationship has grown colder, especially since the American Administration seems to be backing off from its role as a global leader. However, the recent past has shown us that the reality as we know can change very promptly, with the emergence of challenges that, despite the difficulties, require the transatlantic ties to remain solid. Having said this, Brexit in Europe, Trump's election in the United States, together with the rise of populism, are three of the major subjects one needs to address.

It is our duty to embrace the recent changes and continue to support the idea that only together it will be possible to grow in prosperity on a global level.